Matthew Kacergis

Matthew Kacergis is a Washington, DC based arts administrator and arts advocate. As an actor, he has performed at Ford's Theatre, Village Theatre, Disneyland, The Ogunquit Playhouse, The Shakespeare Theatre of DC, The 5th Avenue Theatre, Flat Rock Playhouse, and many more. He starred as Prince Eric on the national tour of Disney's The Little Mermaid. His screen work includes independent films as well as an appearance on HBO's Veep. Matthew is a proud member of Actors' Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA.


Matthew will play Sam Harris in Yankee Doodle Dandy at Musical Theatre West. Directed by Jamie Rocco, the production runs July 6 - 22. For more information, visit MTW's Website!


Matthew played Younger Brother in Ragtime at the 5th Avenue Theatre, directed by Peter Rothstein.

Matthew played Georg in She Loves Me at the Wick Theatre in Boca Raton, FL directed by Norb Joerder. 

Seattle's Gregory Awards

Matthew received a Gregory Award nomination for his portrayal of Prince Eric in the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of The Little Mermaid. The Gregory Awards are Seattle's professional theatre awards. One nominator commented: "Matthew's vocals and acting skills brought a very real touch to this story. Wonderful to witness." 


“There is always something inexplicable about great singers; a fine voice (in Matt’s case a warm, rich baritone with room-filling power but also a sublime upper register which can float like an angel hovering near) is expected, but genuine artists possess something extra: an almost mystical ability to communicate, to connect with an audience; an inner radiance which may spring from the sheer joy of sharing the God-given gift they’ve been given… 
This young man—a genuine supernova—is going places. Count on it.”
-Manning Harris, Atlanta INTown

The Little Mermaid National Tour

"Kacergis too has an incredibly rich and powerful voice and takes Eric beyond pretty Ken doll and into Dashing and layered Prince."
-BroadwayWorld Seattle

“The usually lackluster film version of Prince Eric went out the window, and was replaced with a Jon Snow-like earnestness perfectly encapsulated by Matthew Kacergis, whose absolutely beautiful, resonant voice and genuine chemistry with Huey had the elderly ladies in the row behind me all a-titter.”
-EDGE Media Network Miami

"I must mention that we Atlantans are totally thrilled by the performance of homegrown (Marietta) actor/singer Matthew Kacergis. Longtime readers of these pages may remember we wrote some years ago about his remarkable voice and theatrical potential. I’m delighted to tell you that his voice is more glorious than ever, an instrument of beauty, subtlety, and power. And his acting has an ease, warmth, and assurance that makes him a prince for any kingdom."
-Atlanta INTown

“As Prince Eric, Matthew Kacergis takes on one of the most wooden Princes in the cabinet of Disney woodwork princes and brings out the heart, humanity, and heartthrob handsomeness the role really needs…Kacergis also has a rich, clear voice…”
-Talkin Broadway

“As for Prince Eric. Not only does he have a deep, flawless baritone, he has the Disney prince bone structure down.”
-The Stranger

“The audience will fall in love with Prince Eric (Matthew Kacergis). If he isn't your favorite Disney prince already, he's about to be.”
-UW Daily

“Prince Eric (Matthew Kacergis) is the perfect representative of a Disney prince being clean cut, exuberating an optimistic persona, and has a good singing voice. The added songs 'Her Voice' and 'One Step Closer' give good platforms to let Mr. Kacergis' voice shine with a strong presence.”
-Seattle Gay News

“Kacergis, who brings a larger-than-life air to Prince Eric, is also blessed with a strong instrument, beautifully demonstrated on the song ‘Her Voice.’”
-Mix 105.1 Orlando

“Kacergis brings a sense of self-aware humor and canny understanding of the world to a Prince who could have been a cardboard cut-out.”
-Columbus Underground

Spring Awakening at Olney Theatre Center

“Kacergis is a musical gem, shining in the night with sensational vocal prowess...[he] has an amazing vocal range, his higher end featured during 'Left Behind,' a song that brings the audience to tears as he blends frustrations and sorrow into one musical meltdown."
-DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Kacergis, who recently played in Olney’s well-received Cinderella, has charismatic leading man looks and a stellar singing voice.  His acting skills are right for the role, demonstrating a take-charge and defiant persona inherent to Melchior.  Kacergis’ numbers are all performed well but his touching performance of “Left Behind” is truly magnificent as it showcases his full tenor range."

"Mr. Kacergis’s charismatic Melchoir has a ferocious seriousness of purpose.  His “All That’s Known” establishes the conceptual dimensions of the story, and he articulates the song with a hypnotic intensity."
-Maryland Theatre Guide

Parade at Ford’s Theatre

“The service this staging provides is to Brown’s score….with some sterling solos and choral numbers. For example, “The Old Red Hills of Home,” sung to stirring effect by Matthew John Kacergis…”
-Peter Marks, The Washington Post

Chasing Nicolette at Village Theatre

“…Aucassin (played by charmingly feisty Matthew John Kacergis) ….Ross and Kacergis sing their big love duet “Now and Forever” with the sort of grace and vocal gusto that served Rodgers & Hammerstein ballads so well back in the day”
-Talkin’ Broadway

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Atlanta Lyric Theatre

“Joseph is played by the homegrown golden-voiced Matthew Kacergis, who is already making a name for himself in major regional theatres as well as New York. His Joseph is gentle, witty, and altogether winning.”
-Manning Harris, Atlanta INTown